Monday, 6 September 2010

Ambrose Orchestra with Sam Browne - 1932

Bert Ambrose - British dance band leader - 1896-1971
Sam Browne - British dance band vocalist - 1898-1972


John Wright said...

These are excellent photos of Bert Ambrose and Sam Browne. Not seen the Ambrose photoi before, I reckon it's from about 1930 in his May Fair Hotel days.
I have a weekly podcast on which I often play Ambrose recordings. Can I request your permission to show your Ambrose photo on my playlist page?
The playlist page is here, and I've shown where I'll place the photo. I'll add a credit to Uncle Deetou if you would like that.

Regards, John Wright

Uncle Deetou said...

Thanks for visiting John... these photos are from my own personal collection, gathered over the years. I'd never seen the Ambrose one either. I'd be happy for you to use the photo. Thanks for your offer of a credit very kind. Keep up the good work!